👋 Welcome to the Woods

This Wiki includes all things Darkwood and beyond. Explore the links below to begin your journey through the woods 🌲

Before you Begin

Theoretical Research

Here is our theoretical research on the current state of blockchains, the issues with Bitcoin and scalability, and our versioned solution to these inefficiencies


Here we introduce our Darkchain and all of the underlying technology and infrastructure associated with it, including PoE, DRC—888 / 999 and our Data Centre Documents / Roadmap for the future

Reading List

As technologists at heart, Darkwood is committed to furthering knowledge of crypto, blockchain, NFTs and all other areas of this exciting field. Here is some recommended reading for those that would like to immerse themselves in our world, and dare to be disruptive

Darkchain Codebase

All of our deployment instructions and pulls to add more clarity to our code

Dark Pool Trading Strategies

NFT swaps, arbitrage, fractionalization and other Darkwood Capital trading strategies utilized to generate alpha for investors are structurally covered here

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